Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Flowers + Save $10 Through 1/24

Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a month.  If you think it’s too early to be making arrangements, you’re wrong—places are already filling up with reservations.  In fact, if you wait until the week of Valentine’s Day, chances are you won’t be able to get in at the fancier restaurants.  Now’s the time to make your plans, order flowers, and decide on dinner. 

While Valentine’s Day flowers are definitely important, they’re not the only thing you’ll want to get for this romantic day.  There are many different aspects of Valentine’s Day to cover.  If you’re making a list and checking it twice (whoops, wrong holiday), here’s everything you need to cover:

Dinner – if you’re going out, make your reservations ASAP.  If you’re staying in, go ahead and plan the meal you know what groceries you need. 

The Activity – If you’re doing more than dinner, be sure to get tickets or make reservations if you need to.  Valentine’s Day concerts tend to sell out quickly.

The Gifts – In addition to flowers, you might want to get her a cute stuffed animal or a box of her favorite chocolates.  Shop early for a better selection.  You don’t want to get stuck choosing from leftovers.

After the Date – What are you doing after dinner and the other activities you have planned?  If you’re going back to your place, have wine, soft music, and maybe even a dessert ready.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers, it’s for so much more.  It’s a time to really connect with your partner, to talk, to spend the evening together doing something you both love.  It’s NOT a time to leave things to the last minute or go in unprepared.  If you want to make it a great day, go all out and make your plans early so nothing goes wrong.

But while Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers, flowers are still an important tradition.  If you order for Valentine’s Day before January 24th, you can save $10.  Order now and we’ll deliver Valentine’s Day flowers in Raritan, NJ to your sweet heart! You can use check out code BLJ.

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