Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Flower Guide for the Romantically Challenged + Free Delivery on February 10, Offer Expires 2/6

Some men find themselves standing in a flower shop staring at all those flowers and realizing they have no clue what to get.  Most end up stuttered something about a dozen roses and then getting out of there as soon as they can.  Don’t let this be you!  Here’s a quick and easy guide to Valentine’s Day flowers for those of you who pick up a bouquet once per year.

What flowers do you get?

Roses – they’re traditional
Tulips – rare colored tulips can especially look great
Orchids – they’re minimal, simple, and sexy
Dahlia – these flowers signify passion and romance
Hyacinth – a fragrant and colorful option
Iris – these make a unique Valentine’s Day arrangement
Carnations – they’re often cheaper than roses, and they’re available in many colors and varieties
Her favorite – it’s personal!
A mixture – you don’t have to go with just one flower.  Talk to a florist about creating a unique bouquet for your love.

Other things to consider:
You don’t have to go with red roses.  Roses come in many colors.  Maybe get her a dozen in her favorite color?  But color does matter.  Red roses mean romance and love, while yellow roses mean friendship.  That may not be the message you want to send (unless she loves yellow).

If you’re getting her a large arrangement or full bouquet, give it to her at the start of the date.  Otherwise, she’s going to have to carry it around, and that can both get tiring and ruin the flowers.  If you want something to give her later, how about a single rose?

Avoid plastic wrap.  If you’re giving her a bouquet that’s not in a vase, a rubber band around the stems covered by a ribbon is enough.  Plastic looks cheap and makes that loud, annoying noise.

Bigger isn’t always better.  Sure, three dozen red roses might look amazing, but she might be more touched by a small bouquet of her favorite flowers, especially if those flowers are out of season in February.

Don’t go overboard with extras.  Don’t add too many ribbons, balloons, or other extras to a simple, classy bouquet.

Always add a note (handwritten if you’re giving her the flowers in person) to your bouquet.  You don’t have to write a sonnet or anything—a simple “I love you” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” is enough.

Still aren’t sure what to get?  We can help with all of your Valentine’s Day flowers in Raritan, NJ, and if you’re interested in beating the crowd, we’re offering free delivery on February 10!  This offer expires on Feb. 6th, so hurry.  Just use discount code BLF when ordering.

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