Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Have a Fun Spring

Spring is here!  Are you ready to enjoy the warmer weather?  There are a lot of different ways you can have fun during the spring season.  Here are just a few things you can do.

•    Enjoy the great outdoors!  After being cooped up all winter, isn’t it nice to be outside without the heavy coat, gloves, and scarf?  You can have a picnic, take a walk in the park, visit a local botanical garden, or just sit outdoors and enjoy the lovely warm weather.

•    Visit your local zoo.  Now’s the time to spend the day seeing the animals while it’s warm but not too hot.  The animals tend to stay in the shade during the hot summer months, but they’re more active in spring.  It’s also a lot easier on you.

•    Go to a local water park or swimming pool.  If you have your own swimming pool, now’s the time to clean it out and go for the first swim of the year.

•    Clean out your flowerbeds and garden.  While that’s not exactly a fun chore, it will be fun to see your flowers and vegetables grow.

•    Start exercising outdoors.  Instead of running on a treadmill or using a stationary bike, go for a jog or ride through your neighborhood. 

•    Do some spring cleaning.  Again, it’s work, but you’ll love having your closets cleaned out, and changing up your décor for the spring will give your whole house a new, fresh feeling. 

•    Buy yourself a new spring outfit.  Looking good makes you feel good, and shopping is fun!

•    If you have a dog, take him out to the park.  Play some fetch and let him run around.  You’ll both have a lot of fun, and it gets you outdoors.

•    Put a bouquet of fresh flowers in your room to bring the scents and sights of spring into your home.  We can help by delivering spring flowers in Raritan, NJ, right to your doorstep!

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